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Sill and Sound is an architectural firm founded in Brussels in 2015.

Sill and Sound’s work revolves around giving forth an individual product, which is based on case particularities. It departs from a critical, emotional as well as intellectual relationship with our social environment, the space, and the material. Throughout the projects, the aim is to constantly experiment with the question of how to be contemporary, while reserving a certain distance from contemporariness. This in-and-out relationship with the present and with realities is condensed in the concept of the sill, which symbolizes a two-faceted screen that defines but at the same time ties diverse worlds, that filters but at the same time meshes the interior with the exterior, the general with the particular, creating one through the other, within the context of their evolutive differences and oppositions.

With more than 10 years of professional experience in the field of architecture, urban planning, renovation, and construction site management, Sill and sound has worked on varied projects including residential buildings and villas in Belgium and Armenia, a large quantity of interior design projects, the renovation of listed buildings in the UNESCO world heritage sites in Brussels, and wastewater treatment plants in the Middle East.

Movses Hrayr Der Kevorkian, the founder of Sill and Sound, is an architect based in Brussels. He was born in Beirut and got his BA and MA in architecture from ALBA (Academie Libanaise des Beaux Arts), Lebanon. He graduated with high honours and won the first prize in the annual architecture competition of both the Lebanese Order of Architects and the Lebanese Ministry of Culture. He later studied Urban Planning and Urban Renovation at the University of St. Luc in Brussels.

Lilit Babayan, Patil Proudian, Pavlina Petkova, Gevorg Torosyan, Pareli Akelian.

Harout Haleblian, David Hammash.

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